Complete the sentences with There is or There are.

The sun (shine) brightly yesterday morning.
While I (walk) to school, it suddenly (start) raining.
He (play) the guitar when his friends arrived at his house.
She (watch) a movie while her parents (cook) dinner.
We (study) for the test all night long.
They (dance) at the party until midnight.
The children (make) a sandcastle on the beach last summer.
My mom (cook) delicious pasta for dinner last night.
While I (read) a book, the phone (ring) .
The dog (bark) loudly when the postman (come) .
We (play) football in the park when it (start) to get dark.
He (run) six kilomentres yesterday.
My sister (sing) her favorite song at the talent show last year.
While I (clean) my room, I (find) my old toy car.
The birds (sing) in the trees as the sun rose.
The teacher (tell) a joke and students laughed.
The chef (cook) a delicious meal for the guests at the restaurant.
I (wait) for my friend at the bus stop for an hour yesterday.

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