Put the verbs in the PAST CONTINUOUS tense

He (watch) TV and talking to his sister.
I (play) the piano.
They (have) a good time.
While he (take) some pictures of the dog, the door of the bank opened and two men came out.
Suddenly, as they (go) along a very busy road, the driver had a heart attack.
At 12 o'clock, I (sit) at my computer.
He (not have) dinner.
They (get) ready for bed.
She (sit) at her desk.
I (play) volleyball.
I hurt my arm when we (play) football.
I (look) for something.
She (peel) potatoes to make a cottage pie, and Donna Ross (watch) television in the living room.
Matt (go) to the gym when I saw him yesterday.

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