Complete the sentences with WILL or BE GOING TO:

Kate: Well, enjoy the stay in Cracow! Have you got a good guidebook?
Dan: No, I haven’t. But l (get) one. It’s on my shopping list of things to buy before I go.
Kate: Well, they say the best one is the Gobal Traveller handbook.
Dan: Really? Well, I (get) it when I go shopping.
Kate: Look, I’m going into town right now because I need to buy some food. I (buy) it for you at the bookshop, if you like.
Dan: Really?
Kate: Yes. of course.
Dan: Well, I (give) you the money for it right now.
Kate: OK, and I (buy) it and I (bring) it round tonight. Who knows, maybe I (borrow) it from you one day.
Dan: What are your plans for this holiday? What (you do)?
Kate: I (travel) to Vienna in June. I (visit) Schonbrunn.

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