Complete the sentences with the following verbs in the past simple tense.

ring, see, carry, fall, throw

Four-year-old David Harrison, 20 metres from a bridge into the river Danube. The River him to the sea and him onto some rocks. Fortunately, some older girls him. They quickly pulled him out and the police.

get, start, fly, hit, take, go

An American jet pilot off from the airport, but the jet´s engines wrong. The pilot ejected, but the plane didn´t crash. The engines working again. It more than an hour before the jet crashed in Nebraska. It some trees. Fortunately, no one hurt.

take, drink, swim, feel, arrive,

Thomas Gregory was eleven years old when he across the English Channel. He hot tomato soup because he really cold in the water. It him nearly 12 hours to swim from Dover to France. He was really happy when he in France.

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