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vyrůstal -
přestěhoval se .
manželka -
narodil se -
dostal práci -
přijel -
vzrušující -
chybí mi, postrádám -
potkat +
strávit, utratit -

Complete the questions and short answers

she at school yesterday?
No, she .
your parents at home?
Yes, they .
you happy last year?
Yes, I .
your friends here last night?
No, they .

Complete the sentences with the following words in the past tense

not wear / not go / move / play / finish / lose

Layla from Bristol to a new flat last year.
I wear these trousers yesterday.
The match at half past seven.
I my school bag last week.
Yesterday, we football on the pitch.
Jane to the cinema last weekend.

Complete the sentences with the following words

got / go / got / grew / went / born / died /

She was in 1995.
Do you to school?
My father a job here.
I up in Brno.
My grandmother when she was 85 years old.
My parents married in church.
My sister to university when she was young.

Write the words:

My father´s sister is my .
My father is my mother´s .
My mother´s daughter is my .
My aunt´s son is my
My mother´s father is my .

Complete the dialogue:

Jack: Where were you yesterday?
Eliz: I at the theatre.
Jack: Really? I was there too, but I see you? did you sit?
Eliz: We seats on the balcony. And you?
Jack: We were in the front row. After the show I went to a shopping centre and I this new shirt. Do you like it?
Eliz: Yes, I do. But have you got the English homework?
Jack: No, I . Can I copy it from you?

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