Complete the sentences with BE GOING TO.

I visit my grandparents next week.
They have a picnic in the park tomorrow.
She start a new job next month.
We watch a movie tonight.
He play tennis with his friends this afternoon.
The sun rise at 6am tomorrow.
I buy a new car next year.
They travel to Europe for their honeymoon.
She become a doctor in the future.
We have a party to celebrate our graduation next week.
I read a book before I go to bed tonight.
They take a yoga class together on Sundays.
She start a new project next week.
We have a BBQ with our friends next weekend.
He learn how to swim this summer.
The clouds bring rain tomorrow.
I join a gym to stay fit and healthy.
They go on a road trip next month.
She write a novel in the future.
We have a game night with our friends tonight.

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