Put the adjectives in brackets into the correct form (comparative or superlative)

The book is the one with the red cover. (good)
Mount Everest is than Mount Kilimanjaro. (tall)
She is in her class. (clever)
I am than my brother at playing the piano. (bad)
He is at French than at Spanish. (good)
This cake is than that one. (sweet)
The city in the world is Tokyo. (crowded)
She is than her sister at singing. (good)
The animal in the zoo is the lion. (strong)
This movie is than that one. (interesting)
He is at math than at science. (bad)
The country in Europe is Germany. (powerful)
She is than her friend at dancing. (good)
The food in the world is pizza. (delicious)
He is than his brother at sports. (good)

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