Complete the text with SOME or ANY

There weren’t lessons last weekend, because everyone was away.
After that I couldn’t ski more.
I haven’t got food for you.
Have you got water?
Have you got salt and pepper?
It’s a pity you haven’t got bread.
I haven’t got water.
Do you eat chocolate?
Do you drink milk?
Mut thinks they haven’t got dog food.
There isn’t butter in the fridge.
Do we need vegetables?
It really needs vegetables.
She ran into the garden and brought back potatoes, carrots, beans and a big onion.
She ran to the cellar and came back with ham and sausages.
I usually have milk for breakfast.
We need dog food.
There are tins of dog food over there.
They bought cheese at the supermarket.
Put flour and butter in a bowl.
Then put sugar into the bowl and mix it with the flour and the butter.
These are typical things that people have for breakfast.

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