Complete the sentences with WILL and the verb.

(Susan eat) dinner with us tonight?
She (run) fast in the park.
(You work) on his project now?
They (not watch) a movie at home.
We (not study) for the test tomorrow.
What (you think) about right now?
(it rain) outside at the moment?
The dog (bark) loudly outside.
Why (you shout) so loudly today?
I (feel) tired after work today.
He (not play) football with his friends.
The children (laugh) in the garden.
(your friends listen) to me right now?
She (swim) in the pool happily.
It (snow) heavily in the mountains.
They (talk) about their vacation plans.
What (he do) this weekend?
(Jane come) to the party tonight?
We (not wait) for the bus here.
The baby (sleep) peacefully right now.

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