Put the verbs in present continuous tense. (e.g. He is playing football)

They (play) volleyball.
The sky (fall) down and we’re going to London to tell the King.
At the moment he (learn) Chinese.
The rats (run) out of all the buildings.
Billy (watch) TV.
We (go) to the cinema.
They (go) into town.
Azra and her friends (go) to their classroom.
Sweet Sue usually has lunch in her office at this time, but she (not have) lunch today.
We (sit) on a coach.
Joe and Mel (put) their books in their bags.
They (not walk) upstairs.
(he stand) next to the river?
(Carla look) for pens?
Dominic and Mark (not play) tennis.
Mickey, Millie and Mut (go) camping.
Seven or eight people (hold) an umbrella.
Sweet Sue and Smart Alec (watch) a building.
(you read) the newspaper?
What (they do)?

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